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Beyond the Veil

A paranormal quickie

Beyond the Veil By Amanda Sidhe

In the basement of the Warren Mansion Museum, Carolyn discovers a diamond ring enchanted to allow the wearer to see and interact with spirits. Bruce, cursed hundreds of years ago, is trapped as a spirit beyond the veil between worlds. Carolyn is the first person to see him in many years. And not just see him, but touch him. The attraction between the dominant and sexy Bruce and the passionate Carolyn builds with each sizzling encounter. But curses have a way of not wanting to be broken, putting them both in serious peril.


Bruce crossed to her suddenly, reaching her in two long strides. The hungry, demanding way about him set her heart suddenly racing in fear and desire. She’d barely managed to take a half step back before his arms circled her. Bruce crushed her to his chest, stealing her breath. His mouth covered hers. Her lips parted in surprise, allowing his tongue to drive between them. Feeling overwhelmed, yet safe, in his arms, Carolyn surrendered to him. Surrendered to the plundering kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his wide shoulders and held tightly to him, as much to keep him close as to keep her from sinking weakly to the floor. Besides the coolness of his body, nothing about him seemed the least bit ghost-like. The moisture from his mouth mingled with hers as their kiss deepened further. Even his chest expanded as he breathed. Most noticeably, his thick cock, trapped in his trousers, jabbed into her stomach.

Her own body responded instantly to Bruce. Some magnetism he possessed snared her. There was no right or wrong, just sudden and intense need. Her sensitive nipples rubbed hard into his chest, sending echoes of pleasure through her. She wrapped one leg behind his calf, as if to prevent him from retreating from this commanding embrace. If not for his powerful arms supporting her back, the force of his kiss alone would have knocked her down. There was barely an inch of the front of her body that did not mold perfectly into him. He had to know, from her responsiveness, that she would not resist him.

As he drew back from her mouth Carolyn leaned forward, reluctant to end the single most intense kiss of her life. Bruce tangled his fingers in her hair and gently forced her neck to arch back. Her swollen lips remained parted, ready and wanting more. “I’m sorry about this,” he murmured.

“About what? Kissing me?” Carolyn drew herself even more forcefully against him, showing him that she wanted more. Needed more. Certain beyond all logic and reason that Bruce could fulfill it, fulfill her, in a way nothing else could.

“No. About this…” He reached behind him and drew out a length of leather cord. Using her hair to control her, Bruce peeled her off him and turned her around. He forced her to lean against the basement wall. His hand moved from fisting in her hair to gripping the back of her neck. Bruce pressed his body against hers, pinning her to the wall.

Carolyn closed her eyes. Her body felt alive, sandwiched between Bruce and the wall. Every place they touched felt incredible. Their thighs. His hips against her bottom. She knew from letters she’d found about Bruce’s occasion forays into bondage play. That had been one of the things that had specifically interested her in his history. He released her neck and both his hands found her wrists. With practiced skill, he bound her wrists together with the leather cord. Whether or not she should have resisted him, she did not. Lightly, she tugged on the bonds and a slow smile spread on her lips. Not too tight but definitely secure. She laughed softly, “Nice.”


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