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Swaying Minuet

A book in the Dominant Blood Series

Minuet has lived a thousand years and grown exhausted of a life of never-ending sameness. She stops feeding. She stops interacting with humans and vampires alike. When Nazario, a fellow vampire on a secret council of Kinsmen, tries to lure her with the release of the Final Death, the thought is very tempting.


Enter the Summon Luscious, who’s not only luscious by name, but in mind, body—and in bed. And for a jaded, tired vampire, Luscious’ version of unbridled, uninhibited passion is just the tonic Minuet needs.


In the deadly game of vampire politics, blood is the only currency. Either by persuasion or by fangs, Nazario wants Minuet eliminated, and only Luscious, a mere human, stands in his way.

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