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Public Displays of Affection

an erotic comedy

Opal - Public Displays of Affection By Leannan Mac Llyr

Lacey and Andy have been more than friends for quite a while, even if they have been keeping their relationship under wraps. Well, Andy has been keeping it under wraps. Lacey wants to shout to the world that she's in love. After months of secret rendezvous, Lacey figures that her sexy Andy plans to keep her his dirty little secret forever. Even when he gives her an opal ring, passed down through his family, she still doubts he will ever publicly acknowledge her. The opal ring has a history of deviousness and its magic has Lacey's desire for Andy to publicly demonstrate his affection coming true. Big time!


They were grinning at each other as they collected their clothing and put themselves together once more. Lacey fastened her bra and put the ladies back into their holsters until she needed the big guns again and then tugged her shirt over her head. Andy used a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe himself off and then yanked his clothing back on. Lacey knelt and then sat back on her heels, no longer needing to stay hidden now that they were dressed. She watched Andy laying there contentedly on his back and smiling goofily up at her with sexual intoxication.

“You have a twig in your hair.” A deep voice with a lazy Southern drawl seemed to come from nowhere.

Lacey gave a little jump, seeing a police officer on horseback by the statue of Andy Jackson, also on horseback. Suddenly, she felt very horseless. What kind of ninja horses did the N.O. police have that could sneak up on her without a sound like that? “Ah, thanks.” Lacey reached up and dug the twig out and tossed it aside. She smiled and gave him a little wave, wondering if he’d go now or keep staring at her like she’d just robbed a bank. Or had sex in public.

Andy remained out of sight. His hands gripped her hips and he snickered at her obvious embarrassment. Gritting her teeth she debated about whether to point him out to the cop so Andy could share the mortifying moment with her. Lord knows it was the first time she’d ever had him in the least bit of a compromising position with a potential witness. Someone might even mistake them for a couple. Wouldn’t that bust Andy’s little bubble?

“Are you having trouble, Miss? Did you lose something?” The cop eyed her suspiciously and instantly she blushed, which she was sure only made her appear ever more guilty to the x-ray vision of the law. Sure, she’d found the idea of getting caught intensely erotic but getting caught by the cops was not what she’d meant.

“Nope.” She fought to smile. “Just was lying in the grass. Just enjoying the park.” Lacey poked Andy in the chest for not showing himself, although honestly she hadn’t expected anything different. Hoped for different. Dreamed of different. But didn’t expect different. Guess she should have clarified that pesky detail before sending out her desire into the universe, because the universe had a wicked sense of humor.

She got to her feet, brushed herself off, gave Andy a nudge with her foot just for being himself and then walked off and left him there without looking back. She waved at the cop and gave him a phony smile she hoped hid her disappointment. Andy had not stepped up and shared her embarrassment. Walking so fast she was nearly jogging, Lacey beat it out of the park and back to her little stand outside the east gate.

Her cheeks burned with equal parts embarrassment and hurt. Hurt at Andy, certainly, but ten times more upset with herself. When would she bring this affair to a stop? Obviously he was never going to have a real, out in the open relationship with her. All she was doing was wasting time and heartache on the man. And why was she beset with a crush on a man who refused acknowledge her in public? Cupid hated her. Just no other explanation for it. Lacey gritted her teeth. Well, that was just fine by her. She’d hate cupid back.

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