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Demanding Diamonds

Paperback Anthology

Beyond the Veil by Amanda Sidhe


In the basement of the Warren Mansion Museum, Carolyn discovers a diamond ring enchanted to allow the wearer to see and interact with spirits. Bruce, cursed hundreds of years ago, is trapped as a spirit beyond the veil between worlds. Carolyn is the first person to see him in many years. And not just see him, but touch him. The attraction between the dominant and sexy Bruce and the passionate Carolyn builds with each sizzling encounter. But curses have a way of not wanting to be broken, putting them both in serious peril.

A Girl’s Best Friend by Eileen Ann Brennan

Natalie Phillips has found her one true love. Every night the devastatingly handsome Latino brings her to unspeakable heights of erotic pleasure. He's everything she ever dreamed of — hot, handsome and totally in love with her. But is he real? Or just a dream?

Trapped by the spell of the diamond necklace, her lover has been waiting for the one woman destined to be his — Natalie. Now she is within his grasp but he is unable to claim her forever until she discovers the secret of the diamond. If she doesn't free him from the prison of the diamond's magic in time, her one true love will be lost to her forever.


Bejeweled and Bedeviled by Tiffany Bryan

Sexual Boundaries—Real or Imagined?


Successful and in control of her life, Kayden is ready to dispel a suspicion she would enjoy submission. Until the enigmatic, powerful Master Dom she chooses to pit her independence against strolls into her office, igniting a long-dormant flame of forbidden passion. One look into his compelling, amber gaze and she realizes she is about to go skinny-dipping in some very dangerous waters.


A master at reading women, Hunter knows Kayden is meant to be his. Not for the length of a temporary agreement—forever. Confident, intelligent and sexy as hell, she tests his iron control at every turn. A challenge both he and his tightly restrained lust are more than willing to rise to. He is very much looking forward to teaching her the unfathomable pleasures to be had from sexual submission and adorning her with not only the bindings of pleasure but those of a lifetime commitment as well.


Diamond Lady by Desiree Holt

Anna Beloit lived sexual adventures vicariously through the books she read in her bookstore. But she was tired of experiencing life only on paper, tired of the routine she lived, tired of the boring men who had no idea what eroticism was. She wanted a grand adventure that would fulfill her erotic fantasies.

An expert in the art of sensual love, wealthy, powerful Dominic Fellini could have any woman he wanted. From the moment he spotted Anna he wanted to claim her, to teach her the sexual heights she could achieve with him. Then fate and her sister's wedding brought them together and in one night Dominic took her on the sexual ride of her life. But would one night be enough for these two lovers?


Heart Diamond by Margaret L. Carter

Roseanne thought she'd lost her fiancÚ, Tim, forever when he died in a car crash. Wanting to leave her something of himself, he arranged to have a diamond ring made from his ashes. Now Tim haunts the ring.

Tim's spirit gains power from the passion he finds while wrapped in Roseanne's arms. The more they make love, the stronger he becomes. But it does not last and Roseanne fears losing their love once more.

Tim has returned from beyond death to claim his beloved — even if he has to fight his own brother for her.


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