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Raging Passions

a book in the Dominant Blood series 

Hell hath no fury…

The night Caden abandons Regina at the altar, she becomes easy pickings for Ripper, a Kinsman vampire who has been watching her, wanting her for his own. But a devastated Regina trusts no man, and in the handful of years since that night, she has been punishing her male prey and fellow vampires for her broken heart, earning herself the nickname “Rage”.


When a man loves a woman…

The victim of a vampire’s cruel manipulation, Caden has never forgotten Regina or the love they shared. Now, as a slayer of vampires, he seeks vengeance on the very creatures responsible for her death.


Until the night they shockingly come face-to-face, the vampire and the vampire executioner, and all the passion they once shared flares to life with a heat neither can deny. Vampire lusts, human passions and a love that could never die combine in a race to free Caden and release Rage, because death is coming as nightfall approaches.

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